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The outcome of an Independent SOC Audit provides proof of system integrity, privacy controls, and security of confidentialities. In turn, your clients and future clients will have confidence in system security.

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What to Expect from HoganTaylor as Your SOC Advisor

Obtaining an annual SOC report should not be a painful experience! Our team has substantial expertise in scoping services and developing project plans with clarity and efficiency. ​Much of the engagement can be conducted remotely and will be designed around your own schedule.

We start by identifying areas of focus and risk, interviewing key members of management, and developing a thorough understanding of the organization. Our team utilizes a secure project management platform to facilitate collaboration and filesharing as well as establish a workflow of milestones, tasks, and deadlines visible to all project participants. The HoganTaylor SOC process involves four stages:

1. Readiness – Assist organizations new to the SOC reporting process with initial planning or getting to know new clients who have had a SOC report before.
2. Planning and walkthroughs – Develop a project plan, conduct onsite walkthroughs of controls, and prepare control testing procedures.
3. Control testing – Request, sample, inspect, and observe evidence provided for Type 2 reports.
4. Reporting – Generate and review the report including auditor’s opinion, management’s assertion and system description, and control test results.